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Jerry Maestas - Vintage Preset Pack

$50.00 USD

THEYRE BACK! I've heard all your requests to bring my presets back and I'm so happy to announce that they are officially back!! I can't wait for you to try my new and improved presets! 

The Jerry Maestas - Vintage Preset Pack contains 5 of some of my all time favorite presets that I use on my professional photography. I've spent so much time making sure these presets were even better than the last & I hope you guys think so too! 


1 - THE Vintage Preset: This is THE vintage preset you've been waiting for. This preset makes just about any photo have that golden vintage sunlight effect which instantly makes it feel like its set in 1972. *best used on direct sunlight photos but will work with all types of lighting

2 - Retro Colors: I mean, we all love the retro colors from the 60's and the 70's! This preset makes the colors in your photos instantly take on those groovy colors! *this will work with all types of photos!

3 - Vintage Studio: Spice up your studio work with this preset! This preset has dark blacks and bright whites but with beautiful vintage tones. *best used with very clean studio lighting

4 - Soft & Sharp: Im a sucker for a warm preset but not all of us love that! This preset is cool toned and will really make your colors POP. It also adds a little haze to the image to make it look like it's been taken on an old camera. *best used with moody lighting but will work with all types of lighting

5 - Beat-up Instant Photo: This ones pretty self explanatory, it makes photos look like an old instant photo you found in the back of your drawer! This preset is grungy and grainy with the perfect tones that look just like an instant photo. *best used on flash photos but will work on all types of lighting


After you check out, a download link will appear on the screen or you can download it from the link sent to your email. This can only be downloaded onto your laptop. Once they're downloaded, launch Lightroom. Click on the Develop editing tab of Lightroom. Once there you will see a dropdown menu on the left called Presets with a + sign. Click on the + sign and choose Import Presets. Find the Jerry Maestas - Vintage Preset Pack folder and select all the presets within the folder. Then click import! You should then find them in your list of Presets in the dropdown.

*** These presets are ONLY MADE FOR ADOBE LIGHTROOM on a computer. Additionally, these presets are designed to edit RAW images. They will work on JPEG files but there will be a lot more editing involved to correct the presets. Lastly, these are meant to be a BASE when editing. Adjustments will have to be made in order to make the preset look right on some photos ***

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No refunds since the presets are not able to be returned. Unauthorized distribution will be met with legal action.

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